About Lilac

Caitlin Scholl (aka Lilac) is a writer & teacher  hailing from the northerly woods & river bends of the Adirondack Mountains.

Her work includes poetry, prose, mixed-genre writing and/or mixed/multi-media art projects, and – as the website suggests – murmurings.

Caitlin has published one book of hybridized fiction, Mocemoce, Na Vanua (The Land Abiding), by IPS Press in the Fiji Islands (2006). Her poetry & photography has appeared in Edna, r(e)volve, Juked, and is forthcoming in The Spirit of Black Mountain College, and anthology to be published by Lenoir-Rhyne University & Lorimer Press in 2011.

Lila/c/aitlin’s work investigates the spaces between things, where the reverberations of actions and reactions echo and overlap. Her work is particularly interested in exploring landscape and its stories/inhabitants, and she is courted daily by the tangible and the mysterious. She likes physics & psychics, mountain streams & streams-of-consciousness, dreamwork & manual labor.

She currently resides in Brooklyn, NY, and likes to collaborate with writers, artists, musicians & other creative beings.

To reach her, email lilac.snitloch@gmail.com.

Caitskirtjump[special note:

You may wonder: Why the pseudonym?

The answer – if there is one – is part of a creative process; detachment from identity is often a conduit to re-imagining narrative, form, landscape, and their attendant associations. For Caitlin, Lilac is an alter-ego free of the constraints of Caitlin’s life experience, and a lens through which to filter her work. In the end, Lilac is of course an extension of Caitlin, albeit a necessary one. They often spend time together, in fact, and meet for lunch at least once a week. They are both open to appointments upon request.

6 responses to “About Lilac

  1. isn’t this the coolest website/page ever?
    god I love this girl…

  2. Anna Kondratenok

    i like your website Caitlin;) And nice job with the book!

  3. “They are both open to appointments upon request.”


    can I make an appointment to see lilac?

  4. i stumbled (happily) over here. what a lovely stroll. i wonder where the path goes.

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